Heather’s Portfolio

HeatherI first joined Salem Ink in 2015, and before that had begun my tattooing career out of Billerica, Ma. in 2012.

Currently I enjoy tattooing in a variety of styles anywhere from bold traditional inspired designs, to a wide range of lettering. Depending on the piece, I lean towards high contrast color tattoos or delicate black tattoos using a combination of dotwork and cross hatching.

Some of my other favorite subject matter consists of illustrative nature drawings such as flowers and landscapes. However I’m also very interested in geometric linear tattoos and their placement on the figure, such as mandalas and fractal geometry.

I aim to incorporate flow and motion into a lot of my larger scale pieces to accentuate the surface, as much as I can. Whether it’s a sleeve of blowing flowers or an animal captured in a moment.

In the future I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my style through transformative, innovative tattoos as well as being inspired by the new ideas my clients bring in to me. I’m very open to trying new techniques and growing as an artist in Salem amongst my fellow tattooers here at the shop.

To book an appointment with Heather, please send an email to hcierritattoos@gmail.com