Matt’s Portfolio

mattIn 2002 Tattoo Artist, Matt Stahura became an apprentice in Lafayette, Indiana and in 2003 began the journey of professional artistry and tattooing.
With an unrivaled passion for his work, he pushes to create realistic pieces of organic art and shape the human body to conform to his will and that of his clients. He sees what he does as a way to change people’s lives by changing their skin, blurring and ultimately breaking down the boundaries by which we view the human body. It is an honor bestowed on him by those who seek out his work. His tattoos both in color and black and gray have warranted multiple awards in both local and national circles.
You are guaranteed a safe clean and timeless piece of permanent art from an artist who is CPR , First Aid and Blood Borne Pathogens Certified and Licensed and seeks enlightenment in the flesh.

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