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Salem Ink is a custom tattoo studio located in the heart of Salem Massachusetts. Here, we pride ourselves on providing you with a clean, professional, and friendly environment. Our studio is a space where anyone should feel welcome from the nervous first-timer to the lifetime collector of body art.


We are here to work with your ideas and to help guide you in the right direction when making the best design choices for a tattoo. Good design choices will help keep your body art looking amazing for a lifetime. For small tattoos, we do our best to take walk-ins, however, walk-ins are not guaranteed and it depends on artist availability. Most of our artists book several weeks out for larger work.


Therefore, we strongly recommend calling in advance to schedule a consultation. At that point, an artist will be happy to go over your ideas with you and can schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Artist Portfolio

Artist Portfolio

Artist Portfolio

Art Gallery

Hi everyone, my name is Loki and I decided to open Salem Ink to provide a friendly, professional, and fun environment where people can come and get quality artwork. Over the years I have walked into many shops across the United States and had the displeasure of being treated unprofessionally. Often being ignored or having ideas made fun of because the artist or artists felt like the work was beneath them.

Shop Policies

Due to The Coronavirus Pandemic, We have new policies regarding Covid-19 and getting your tattoo.

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Salem Inks shop minimum starts between $120 and $150 depending on size and complexity. For tattoos we can complete in one sitting we will give you a set price. For larger tattoos that take more than one session, our rate is $150 per hour.

Quotes on larger tattoos are based on size, detail, and the location on the body you place your tattoo.


Learn how to take care of your brand new tattoo with our extensive aftercare tutorial.

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