Loki LaChapelle

About Loki

From what I have been told people love to know a little or a LOT about their artist and their personal history. So, here you go. It’s not that fascinating so feel free to skip. If you want to save time, just go to my portfolio, and look at the pretty pictures.
My interest in tattooing started to bloom in my late 20s. I was working at a soul crushing job in a graphic and print shop in Boston. My boss was one of those people who make you think about jumping off a bridge 3-4 times a day. But maybe that jump off the bridge was the push I needed to find something better for myself. Honestly, we all need that person in life as much as they suck. As a result, I began my journey in body art as an apprentice at an amazing little studio in Cambridge, MA. As the shop familiar I toiled scrubbing toilets, and mopping floors, but the comradery and friendship I formed with the artists made it something more. Once I became fully licensed, I spread my gay little wings and worked at a few other shops before opening Salem Ink + and Art Gallery in 2011 with my now husband, Mark. Around the same time and at an extremely advanced age for a gay man, I decided to go back to school at Montserrat College of Art. I had a love/ hate relationship with school, maybe leaning more towards hate at times ( but that is just my nature) but was able to earn my BFA, make some amazing friends, and some even more amazing frenemies who I really enjoy being snarky with. So that is me. Honestly, I am still figuring out who I am going to be when I grow up but I’m having a good time along the way. If you like my work come see me, if it doesn’t fit your style there are lots of other artists here, I can direct you to.

To book an appointment email me at Loki.Lachapelle.Art@gmail.com.