Shop Policy

Until the world is not ending, masks will be required inside Salem Ink Tattoo and Art Gallery.
Second, depending on current Salem Board of Health regulations you may or may not need to provide a vaccination card upon entry. Therefore, bring yours just to be safe. Or consult and follow the board of health link for updates.
You must be at least 18 years old with a valid photo I.D. to be tattooed in the city of Salem Massachusetts.
Note: We cannot take temporary paper or college identification.
The two best options are a valid driver’s license or a current Passport.
Also, there is no parental consent for people under 18 years old. There are no exceptions to this city regulation.
NOTE: We do not tattoo fingers or faces. Plus, some areas of the body may need to be discussed with your artist first.
We also require you to be responsible for the spelling of names, and the accuracy of dates. Plus, you're also responsible for the understanding and meaning of spiritual symbols and text. If it’s going on your body, you should know its meaning.
We are not experts on every symbol from every culture.

I know that sounds silly to say but for some people, it needs to be said. A tattoo is a lifelong decision, and a tattoo can’t be returned or refunded. A tattoo is not a T-shirt or a pair of shoes. Body art should be considered PERMANENT!!!!!!!
Therefore, know that before moving on, and make good design and life decisions.

The Salem Health Department requires ALL shops to inform customers that tattooing is not a sterile procedure.
What does that mean exactly?
Basically, what that means is by impacting the skin you are introducing your body to the small possibility of infection or complications over the coming days and weeks. The skin is one of your first lines of defense from germs and other damaging environmental components and can affect healing and the outcome of your tattoo.

Also, if down the road you regret the decisions that you are making today you need to be fully aware removal of a tattoo would require multiple laser treatments or surgery. This can be expensive and painful with its own side effects. You can look up the side effects of tattoo removal online before proceeding.

Skin irritation, scarring, and keloids
Allergic reactions to pigments can take place over many years.
Allergic reactions and sensitivity to, bandaging or ointments.
Nerve damage.

It’s also important to know that pigments/colors can react differently to each individual. Tattooing is very personal, and pigments can react uniquely to each customer. For example, A red color or blue color on you may look very different on you than it does on your friend once it’s fully healed.

Also, tattoo artists are not digital printers. We are not in the business of reproducing an image like a stamp. Just like a painter each artist has his or her own style and tattoos are never exactly like they appear on paper. We can get them close but there are always some slight differences. For example, there can be variations in line, color saturation, and shading based on the artist’s style. You should take time to look at each artist’s portfolio to see who’s work fits you best.

Finally, please let us know if you have a history of any of the following:
Diabetes or use of blood thinners or history of Hemophilia.
Skin lesions or sensitivity.
Epilepsy, seizures, or a history of fainting.
If you are pregnant or currently breastfeeding.
If you have any other medical issues that may prevent healing.
Finally, Consult a health care provider immediately for any of the following:
Extreme redness/swelling at the site of the tattoo.
An unexpected rash or outbreak in or around the tattoo.
Drainage from the site of the procedure
If you develop a fever within 24 hours of the body art procedure.