Loki LaChapelle

About Loki

Loki found his interest in tattooing and body modification in his late twenties. At the time, he was working full time as a graphic artist in Boston. He began his journey into the world of body art at Kaleidoscope Tattoo and Art Gallery in Cambridge MA as an apprentice. A few years after becoming fully licensed, he decided to branch out on his own and eventually opened Salem Ink Tattoo and Art Gallery in 2011. In 2012 he decided to return to college and earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts from Montserrat College of Art located in Beverly, MA.

Loki strives to expand his style and interests in both the world of fine arts and the world of tattooing every day. Comfortable tattooing in many styles, he leans towards tattoos with strong line and form. Loki is attracted to geometric patterns and patterns found in the natural world and his art and design reflects those interests.


To book an appointment with Loki, please send an email to Loki.Lachapelle.Art@gmail.com